Project Partners

The Afghan National Craft Standards Development Project—the Artisan Toolkit—helps Afghan artisans and craft businesses access local, regional and, especially, international markets. It is a richly illustrated, practical training manual—also available in audio and video formats—that is supported by a training program in Afghanistan.

The project was funded by Harakat-AICFO and implemented by Far & Wide Collective in partnership with the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan. The audio version of the Toolkit was sponsored and produced by the Moby Media Group. The infographic videos were funded by the US government’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations and produced by the Moby Media Group.

The project would not have been possible without the generous support of several individuals, organizations and agencies, many of which will use the Toolkit to strengthen their own businesses or complement their existing programs to support the Afghan craft industry. Refer to the Artisan Toolkit for a complete list of acknowledgements and credits.

EPAA logoThe Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPAA), an executive division of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), was established in September 2006. Promoting exports through exportable offer development tools, advising and advocacy, marketing, coordinating both the public and private sector initiatives to create an enabling environment for competitive exports while contributing to job creation.


Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization (Harakat-AICFO) is an independent, not-for-profit, Afghan managed organization that provides grant funds to the private sector, government and civil society to implement projects that reduce or remove institutional and regulatory barriers to doing business in Afghanistan. Harakat-AICFO aims to improve Afghanistan’s business environment by removing obstacles to private investment.

Far & Wide Collective Far & Wide Collective is an online marketplace that connects exceptional artisans in post-conflict countries and emerging economies with consumers in North America. We provide artisan partners with business support and market access, helping them turn their craftsmanship into income, while offering consumers a rare selection of beautifully handcrafted contemporary fashion accessories, clothing & home decor products. Far & Wide Collective developed the Toolkit in collaboration with Principled Design, an innovation studio specializing in design strategy, systems redesign, and technology prototyping strategies for change.